Coping with Multiple Sclerosis?

Get relief—without taking more pills.

It’s a new era for medicinal hemp. When used properly, hemp has been found to be very effective in reducing muscle spasms in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, a study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, found that people with MS who smoked cannabis had 50 percent decreased pain and significantly reduced muscle tightness, or spasticity.

The best news is that it can do this without the harmful side effects that come along with powerful barbiturates and muscle relaxers. And thanks to recent innovations in its cultivation and intake methods, you don’t have to smoke it or get “high” to receive these benefits.

Healthful. Non-addictive. Safe. Legal. No wonder so many states have passed laws allowing its medical use. At the Aurora Clinic, our doctors have helped hundreds of qualifying patients in Oregon and Washington obtain their medical marijuana card. Learn how we can help you.

Stop suffering. Start living.

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