Coping with HIV/AIDS?

Get relief. And regain your appetite—for life.

When used properly, medicinal hemp offers effective relief from the pain and nausea that are often side effects of AIDS medications. The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) states: “When appropriately prescribed and monitored, marijuana/cannabis can provide immeasurable benefits for the health and well-being of our patients.” (Reason Magazine, Oct. 8, 2007)

These benefits seem to go on and on. Says Kate Scannell, MD, Co-Director of the Kaiser-Permanente Northern California Ethics Department: “From working with AIDS and cancer patients, I repeatedly saw how marijuana could ameliorate a patient’s debilitating fatigue, restore appetite, diminish pain, remedy nausea, cure vomiting and curtail down-to-the-bone weight loss.” (San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 16, 2003)

Many have also found that it also helps with anxiety and depression.

Due to improvements in cultivation methods you can now get such relief without the physical addiction, dizziness, disorientation and other side effects common among prescription painkillers. And, thanks to recent technological innovations, you don’t have to smoke it or get “high.”

Healthful. Non-addictive. Safe. Legal. No wonder so many states have passed laws allowing its medical use. At the Aurora Clinic, our doctors have helped hundreds of qualifying patients in Oregon obtain their medical marijuana card. Learn how we can help you.

Stop suffering. Start living.

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