Coping with degenerative bone disease?

Get relief—and cut down on harmful painkillers.

It’s a new era for medicinal hemp. When used properly, hemp has been found to be very helpful in relieving the pain caused by degenerative bone, disk or joint disease.

Note this conclusion published by the Institute of Medicine: “Opiates such as morphine and codeine are the most commonly used drugs for acute pain, but often result in debilitating side effects like nausea, sedation, and dependency. Cannabis can provide similar treatment without these adverse side effects.” –Marijuana and Medicine, National Academies Press, 1999

Even better news: thanks to recent technological innovations, you don’t have to smoke it or get “high.”

Healthful. Non-addictive. Safe. Legal. No wonder more states are passing laws allowing its medical use. At the Aurora Clinic, our doctors have helped hundreds of chronic pain sufferers in Oregon obtain their medical marijuana card. Learn how we can help you. 

Stop suffering. Start living.

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